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Club Beta in Denver, CO follows its mantra “Club Culture Evolving” to a tee. Since it opened its doors in 2008, the nightclub has consistently pushed boundaries in the industry, continually experimenting and innovating with new forms of technology, new programs, new sound.

Thanks to its dedication to both the music scene and its hometown (Beta started BetaLoveProject to give back to and improve its community through event colalaborations, fundraisers, and donations. The program has contributed to such non-profits as Food Bank of the Rockies and Colorado Coalition for the Homeless), Beta has garnered a loyal following of show attendees and DJs alike. This week, Catherine Nguyen, Executive Director of Entertainment and Marketing at Beta Nightclub, sits down with Flavorus to explain just how they do it (and how our ticketing services help along the way).

Flavorus: How long have you been organizing events?

Catherine Nguyen: Beta opened in March of 2008 and has been doing events every weekend since.

F: How many events do you do a year? What is the typical attendance for your events?

CN: We are open 3 nights a weekend so over 52 weeks, that’s about 150 – 160 events a year. This doesn’t include the one off events that occur during the mid-week. Our attendance is about 1,000 people per night.

F: What have you found to be the most successful marketing technique to sell tickets.

CN: There really isn’t one technique that successfully sells tickets, rather, it’s a combination of tactics that help push sales. It’s making sure the online marketing is on point from social media for Facebook, Twitter and blogs to informational tools such as your website and partner sites. It’s selecting the right ticketing outlet to manage your ticketing distribution and event promotion in addition to being able to give you accurate statistics to help zero in on your analytics. It’s choosing the right mix of offline marketing including flyers and postering, the right street team, and even the right staff you have working the events itself. It’s marketing with the “all hands on deck” mentality: that every moving part, every person in the organization, helps out with spreading the word about your product.

F: What are some unique ways that you have used social media to sell tickets?

CN: Social Media is constantly evolving so what works now may not be a lasting technique in a few months or even weeks. However, an idea that is working now is having full support of the artist behind your event. He/she promoting to their fan base is important to cover potential customers that may not already be in line with your current social media outlets.

F: What is the secret to a great event that you have learned through your own experience?

CN: The customer and DJ experience is paramount in creating a great event. It’s the call and response in their shared vibe that really makes an event go off. The energy from the customer is a response to the feelings that the DJ puts out there and vice versa and this is an ongoing conversation between the DJ booth and the dance floor. As a venue and promoter, you are certainly in control of how your contribute positively to their experiences and can make it either great or dismal through customer service, production, hospitality, etc.

F: What is a great tip that you have learned from another promoter or event organizer?

CN: People bring people out. It’s not necessarily reliant on you telling your audience about what’s cool or what they can’t miss. It’s also the peer group telling them that they need to be at a certain event. The trick is how to get your audience to be ambassadors of your brand and product.

F: What aspect of the Flavorus experience is most useful to you when throwing a successful event?

CN: The two major aspects of Flavorus that’s most useful is a.) the multiple distribution channels as it’s important for ease of purchase for our customers and b.) the night of box office and entry mechanisms as it’s critical for accuracy in reporting. Being able to analyze that information, post event, is critical as a building block to future successful events and understanding why this event was successful.

F: What other advice would you have for the Flavorus ticket selling community?

CN: It’s important to have the right formula that works for you. What works for a venue or promoter in one market doesn’t necessarily mean that the formula works for your audience in your own market. It’s imperative that you have the commitment to trial and error and the willingness to try something new to make it work. The landscape of event promotion is ever changing and it requires you to be on top of your game constantly and at the edge of conventional and unconventional ideas to succeed.

Check out all the events coming up at Club Beta here.

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