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If you happen to find yourself in Miami one of these nights, head down by the train tracks. There, tucked into a historic former train station, you’ll find Grand Central–Miami’s preferred destination for live events. This mid-size venue has hosted performances by the likes of Glass Candy, Black Lips, Diplo, and Architecture in Helsinki. In October, they’ll add the legendary Cat Power to that roster.

How has Grand Central achieved its unique brand of acclaim and success? Flavorus sits down with Barbara Basti, Grand Central’s Marketing Director, to ask that and more.

Flavorus: How long have you been organizing events?

Barbara Basti: Since 1999, so 13 years.

F: How many events do you do a year? What is the typical attendance for your events?

BB: I’d say we do an average of 156 events per year. The target attendance is 600-1200.

F: What have you found to be the most successful marketing technique to sell tickets?

BB: I think accessibility is the key. Make the tickets easily available, and people will be more likely to purchase them.

F: What are some unique ways that you have used social media to sell tickets?

BB: I’m not sure there is any “unique” about our promotional methods, but we always offer a way for people to get free tickets, whether thru giveaways, or online contests…the more positive interaction you have with your clients, the more comfortable they feel purchasing tickets.

F: What is the secret to a great event that you have learned through your own experience?

BB: The experience starts in the line and at the door…so a good entry experience is key. But, I would have to say the most important thing would just be that people have a good time…it’s that simple.

F: What is a great tip that you have learned from another promoter or event organizer?

BB:Don’t be afraid to work together. No company can be an island in this industry, it is important to reach out to, and work with other promoters and organizers in your area.

F: What aspect of the Flavorus experience is most useful to you when throwing a successful event?

BB: All of it. I don’t have to worry about anything related to the ticket purchasing process. The online will call and box office are lifesavers. I also like that our events our automatically syndicated to other websites, such as Songkick, etc. thru Flavorus. It definitely helps with the outreach.

F: What other advice would you have for the Flavorus ticket selling community?

BB: Always be vigilant for ways to improve the entire event going experience for your clients.

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