An Interview with Northern California’s Midnite Events



Midnite Events has been one of Northern California’a premier event promoters for years. And with shows in San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento, the promoter shows no signs of letting up. Next up: Super Duper Bowl 7 on January 26. Flavorus caught up with owner Ben Rozenberg to see how he does it:

Flavorus: How many events do you do a year? What is the typical attendance for your events?

Ben Rozenberg, Midnite Events: We do about 30 events a years with only 6 being on a large scale. Our attendance varies from 7,000 (for large events) to 500 (for club events).

F: What have you found to be the most successful marketing technique to sell tickets?

BR: It would be a combination of street level promotions with online and social media marketing. In addition, you definitely need a right ticketing outlet to help you take your ticket-sales to another level.

F: What are some unique ways that you have used social media to sell tickets?

BR: Doing contests via social media outlets always creates a greater buzz for the shows. Plus doing event video recaps creates a lasting memory which return creates more hype for upcoming events. Here’s one of many recap videos that we have done:

[youtube width=”600″ height=”338″][/youtube]

F: What is the secret to a great event that you have learned through your own experience?

BR: Go above & beyond the expectations of your customers on top of creating & keeping an environment where your team is able to keep doing events at this level.

F: What is a great tip that you have learned from another promoter or event organizer?

BR: Stay positive and stay consistent when it comes to doing events.

F: What aspect of the Flavorus experience is most useful to you when throwing a successful event?

BR: Ease of service for both event organizers & ticket buyers along with with great customer service.

F: What other advice would you have for the Flavorus ticket selling community?

BR: Do not shortcut when it comes to event organizing and always keep striving to do better when it comes to all aspects of this industry.

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