We're doing something crazy.

Want to join us?

It's time someone took the "reserved" sign off the fun jobs.

That’s us. Flavorus. We did that. We’re not saving the good jobs for later. Nope, these positions are available right now to the first and most impressively qualified application-submitters to hit send. RIGHT NOW, we said. Do it.

Is this you?

So. You like the idea of throwing convention out the window of a verrrry tall building. And you’re pretty sure tenacity is a thing, not a place. Well then, maybe we should chat. Read on to find out more about what it’s like to work for the new boss-of-the-whole-online-ticketing world. If it sounds like a match, we hope you’ll consider joining our winsome band of try-harders, think-biggers and give-it-your-all-ers.

What we do so enviably well.

Fans are fickle. That said, we’re all about the love-fest that is loyalty. Which explains our mission to change not only the mechanics of how event ticketing is done, but the way customers are treated as we hook them up with their favorite events.

Fan-love is earned, not given. And the proverbial village it takes to do that earning at Flavorus just happens to be an exceptionally eager-to-please, tech-savvy bunch, unnaturally obsessed with user experience (aka: wowing customers).

Full disclosure. Making other people’s lives easier is hard work. And that’s what we’re doing here. So if that’s not your jam, no hard feelings. The corporate world may have a cubicle somewhere where you could hide out for a while. Filing. Or something.

“Being responsible with one's work here at Flavorus means holding up your everyday duties and ensuring that we all do our part in order to make this a successful, thriving business and an overall awesome place to work.”

- Jessica Lopez, Client Services Manager

5 Ridiculously Convincing Reasons to Work at Flavorus

1. Opportunity To Grow
Soul-crushing idea-killers we are not. Quite the opposite, really. We want to hear what you have to say and make it happen. That way, we get better at what we do. And you get a sweet talk point for your resumé. (Not that you’ll be wanting to go anywhere soon.)

2. Laid Back Yet Professional Environment
Thanks to occasional check-ins from our anti-stuffy squad (kidding), we keep things very laid back around here. Yes, restrooms get walls, but as for the rest of the space, our booty-kicking team likes it just the way it is. Open and collaborative.

3. Am-I-Dreaming Teammates
When you spend your days as a team of happiness elves, hooking fans up with hassle-less tickets to cool events, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood. Need we say more?

4. Great Perks
Oh, where to start. Flexible hours. Catered lunch Fridays. Medical and dental benefits. Weekly massage. Raging office parties. (Ok, maybe that’s overstating things. But fun nonetheless.) And the bennie of all bennies? Ta-daaaa. The occasional Free event tickets. Nice, right?

5. We Need You
That counts as a reason, doesn’t it? So all you A-gamers out there who are waaaay into technology and like to treat customers right, hit us up. Talented programmers, progressive designers, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer sales reps, and general ticketing universe conquerors—we’re talking to you.

Lets change the ticketing world. Together.


Your ideas matter

We want to hear what you have to say and make it happen. That way, we get better at what we do.

Laid back environment

We keep things very laid back around here. Our space is open and collaborative, just the way we like it.

Catered lunch

Kick back and enjoy lunch on the house every Friday.

Medical & dental benefits

Take your pick from our many providers and plans and find benefits that fit your needs.

Office parties & outings

Hang with your coworkers after hours at our many company outings.

Flexible hours & vacation time

As a salaried employee, choose your own schedule and take time off as you need it.

The Team

Our people love what they do, and we want you to do the same.

Weekly massage

Stay stress free with a massage from our masseuse Ed.


Current Openings

Client Support Manager

We are seeking a Client Support Manager who will train, maintain, and manage client accounts to ensure ongoing client satisfaction.