Win a VIP experience to L.A.’s hottest (and scariest) ticket, DELUSION: The Blood Rite



When Hollywood stuntman, Jon Braver, announced the return of his haunted play, DELUSION, this year, thousands of people snatched up tickets. In 2011, Delusion was infamous for its ability to induce screams and tears. No one could get those images out of their heads, and no one could stop talking about it. Even NPR got in on the action. This year, tickets sold out once, then twice after Braver extended the closing date. Now, due to crushing demand, DELUSION: The Blood Rite enjoys its third encore–it will run until December 9.

DELUSION and Flavorus want to give you the exclusive VIP experience for the show, and we’re offering free upgrades to VIP status for ticket buyers who enter the coupon code “Scare” when purchasing their tickets for certain times. The VIP experience includes the show and then a 15 minute behind-the-scenes tour with director Jon Braver as well as a signed playbill.

The shows/times that are part of this contest are:
December 1, 5:00 & 6:00
December 2, 5:00 & 6:00

Part haunted house, part interactive play, Delusion offers a unique brand of terror. The world wanted to scream, weep, and melt down and Jon Braver knew exactly how to appeal to our deepest fears. Says one critic at Shock ‘Till You Drop:

“[It is] one of the most thrilling and innovative haunted experiences I participated in…And I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to see it.”

The Gothic plotline unfolds within a dilapidated mansion near the outskirts of Downtown L.A. The decaying halls and creaking stairwells have made appearances in various horror films throughout Hollywood’s history; now they serve as the perfect setting for a terrifying evening.

In The Blood Rite, Braver has added new twists, upsets and shocks, but maintained the core philosophy that made Delusion such a runaway [screaming] success. You’ll experience no Saw-like antics, no cheap, bloody thrills. Instead, Braver favors a more psychological and unnerving experience. He has created a storyline that eschews easy scares for those heart-thumping moments you never see coming. The ones that creep up on you, ever so slowly–then grab you. His cast of misfits don’t just try to kill you, they offer you safety, lead you willingly down passageways and deep into the house, then abandon or betray you.

It’s a truly unique blend of complexity, uncertainty. The end result? Pure terror.

DELUSION: The Blood Rite

Extended thru December 09

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