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Nick Nishanian and Tony Merino are local promoters in Los Angeles who have grown their business at an astounding rate. Formed in the past year, Future Events is already known as one of the top up and coming promotion companies in the city. We sat down with Tony and Nick to try to get them to spill their secret to success:

Flavorus: How many events do you do a year? What is the typical attendance for your events?

Nick Nishanian: We aim to have a 8-10 week gap between our big one/off events with attendees of 1,500 plus, then of course have fillers between those dates with shows our company produces and co-promotes. Also have to remember we only started 6+ months ago and already at this milestone of putting at events at a successful steady rate in the hardest monopolized market in the US which we remain thankful everyday, all in all we have to stay patient and thrive to bigger and bigger experiences we envision to put on because at the end time is our only enemy.

Personally if it was up to me I would produce 3 events in each of the 365 days of the year! Each date will have day, night & after parties. Thankfully my partner, Tony, likes to keep distance between each event, which works perfectly haha.

F: What have you found to be the most successful marketing technique to sell tickets?

Tony Merino: Good ole street promotions! In a day and age where everyone’s focused on social media many have forgotten about our roots. Flier distribution is key! It allows us to be 100% embedded into our market. Our promotion team slams the streets 6 nights a week!

F: What are some unique ways that you have used social media to sell tickets?

NN: Motto we use for social media outreach is “Capture the moment, share the moment”. We pride ourselves in recapturing the experience to show the masses on what they missed out! Very affective way of doing this is through videography. Jon Zombie did our last recap video of Next Level 2012 and in less than 2 months reached out to almost 300,000+ unique viewers world wide. Thanks to the amazing interface we were able to post our recap video to show our attendees on the experience they will come upon too on our ticketing page which many services restrict you from putting that up.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”338″][/youtube][Next Level 2012 Video by Jon Zombie]

F: What is the secret to a great event that you have learned through your own experience?

TM: Establishing a solid team. Producing events is not all its cracked up to be. Surrounding yourself with like minded people who are in it for the long haul. Success doesn’t happen over night and having a team who understands that is key. Our company includes some of Los Angeles hardest working promoters. Many who have worked for some of the major companies in our market in the past and have left to join us, more of a homegrown event production team. We strongly believe our team members are our competitive advantage and so far its proven true. Lastly, avoiding any sleep as too much valuable time is lost sleeping.

F: What is a great tip that you have learned from another promoter or event organizer?

TM: We have learned from some of the larger dominant companies in our market that you have to be consistent and keep pumping out the shows. In an industry which is forever changing and evolving we’ve learned that you must keep your attendees attention by continuing to put out cutting edge shows back to back. Which helps build the brand and establish a loyal fan base.

F: What aspect of the Flavorus experience is most useful to you when throwing a successful event?

NN: Stability. You don’t understand how many ticketing providers have bugs in their interface or just can’t support the traffic drawn in.

F: What other advice would you have for the Flavorus ticket selling community?

NN + TM: Don’t go through loop holes to achieve your goal, do it properly and patiently. Remember Rome was not built in one day. Also surrounding yourself with like-minded people that want to push your vision not demolish it or ride your tail. Everybody puts in their blood sweat and tears into it!

2 Responses to An Interview with LA’s Future Events

2 Responses to An Interview with LA’s Future Events

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