Greetings from Baltimore!



The Baltimore Actors Theatre is as perfect a self-made story as any. What started out as only the Oregon Ridge Dinner Theatre (still operating, still the seat of BAT, still beloved by all), has now grown into a theatrical empire of sorts, which includes the Baltimore Actors Theatre Conservatory, a K-12 school in Maryland, BAT Productions, a traveling group that has taken various international tours through the UK and Australia, and a Theatre Studies program at Rose Bruford College in the United Kingdom. Oh, and don’t forget the Wixie Children’s Musical Theatre.

In any sense of the word, The Baltimore Actors Theatre is an “institution.” In its 53rd year, the program has brought audiences innumerable shows that range from Peter Pan to the Phantom of the Opera to children’s plays based on classic literature. Founded by Helen Grigal, BAT continues to grow and develop, but never loses sight of its goal: to produce quality theater that honors the legacy of stage drama that stretches back centuries. A lofty goal, yes, but BAT maintains its sense of humor and the recognizes the joy derived from musicals and light theater.

This year’s season includes a variety of performances and plays you probably know all too well. Attend a dinner buffet performance of The Music Man at the Oregon Ridge Theatre or catch Babes in Toyland with your family during the holiday season. Classics are great, especially when approached with fresh eyes and a flair for drama. The Baltimore Actors Theatre has both in spades.

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