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Our ticketing platform makes it easy for you to view, organize, and analyze event statistics. We’ve simplified our Event Stats page so it’s easy to get a bird’s eye view of how your event is selling with an interactive graph and basic ticketing information. But what if you want to get more specific than that? No problem. Here are a few instructions on how to organize and read your event data:

1. To access the statistics for a specific event, head to your Event Dashboard. Then click on “Event Stats” located toward the bottom of your left-hand navigation bar in the “Analyze” section. [see arrow below]

2. You’ve now arrived at the basic version of the Event Stats page. Basic event statistical information includes: total sales, a graph of sales by date (you can hover over specific dates for more info), and total number of tickets by ticket type. Interested in details for a specific date or between specific dates? Maybe you had a special promotion period and you’d like to see sales for only those dates. No problem. Use the “Filter By Date” function to specify your results. If the basic version of our Event Stats page satisfies your needs, feel free to stop reading here. For those interested in more details, hit “Show Full Stats” at the bottom of the page [see arrow in screenshot below]. Then read on to Step 3!

3. You’ve now arrived at the extended version of our Event Stats page. As we mentioned above in Step 2, you can filter data by date (1) for more detailed information. You can also analyze data according to where sales occur (online, in retail outlets, at your box office) in the Distribution section (2). If you’re offering promotions on any of your tickets, you’ll see information regarding the number of tickets sold under those promotions as well as total sales (3). The Fulfillment section includes details regarding ticket delivery. If you’re offering paper tickets, you can see the shipping status of those tickets. The Fulfilment section also shows the number of Will Call and Print at Home tickets. On the day of the event, this section also provides you with live information regarding the number of Will Call and tickets scanned. Like all the Event Stats sections, you can click the “Show Details” link to the right of the Fulfillment tab for even more specific information (4).

You now have a good idea of how to read and organize your event stats. For instructions on how to use our other features, visit the How-To section of our site.

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