How to have a Successful New Years Event



We’re three weeks out from one of our industry’s busiest nights. Whether you are planning a last minute event or have been on sale since Labor Day, it’s important to know how to cut through the clutter and create a memorable experience for your ticket buyers. Here are 3 tips that can help you have a successful event, build your loyal audience, and keep them coming back throughout the year:

1. Word Of Mouth– When people aren’t sure what to do on New Years Eve, they check to see what their friends are doing. Take advantage of this by encouraging the sharing of your event by asking your customers to log in to Flavorus using their Facebook account. This will allow them to automatically share their purchase on Facebook, thereby endorsing it to all of their Facebook friends.

2. Bounties– Take advantage of the Flavorus bounty program. Offer our network of 350 high traffic affiliate websites a small bonus for each ticket sale that they drive through their site. Bounties can be anywhere from $.01 to a few bucks, and the higher the offered bounty the more likely it is that the affiliates choose your event to promote. To offer ticket bounties for your event, click on the “referral network” tab in the Marketing section on your promoter menu.

3. Creative Contests and Couponing– Create a contest where the winners get passwords that will allow them to buy a special discount or VIP ticket. Or, set up a group discount where there is an automatic price break if you buy more than 5 or 10 tickets. Our couponing system can accommodate most any promotion you’d like to run for your event.

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