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Promo Codes are a stellar option for increasing ticket sales, offering discounts for bulk orders, or just to thank your most loyal customers. Using our Promo Code functionality you can set whatever discounts you desire; Flavorus has designed a system that allows you to be as specific as you desire. In this How-To post, we’ll walk you through setting up a Promo Code for your event.

Step 1: Log-in to your Client Account and select the event for which you’d like to offer a special discount (see arrow in screenshot below)

Step 2:
You’ll now see the Promo Codes section of your Event. Once you’ve set up a promo code for an event, it appears in a list here along with relevant details (amount of discount, time the discount begins and ends, etc). To add a new promo code, click “Create a Promo Code” next to the Promo Codes top tab.

Step 3:
You’ll now see a form with numerous options regarding Promo Codes. You can set a Promo Code with as many details as you like. Let’s go through a few using this map and key:

1. Set a promo code “name” i.e. the word, number or phrase your customers will enter when purchasing tickets to your events. This can be as simple or complicated as you like from a phrase like “EventPromo” to using a One Time Use Code per customer (we’ll explain this further under 3)

2. The Deduction Rules section is the area where you set specific monetary values for your discount. You can set this by dollar amount per ticket or percentage from entire order. You can also set limits–for example, limit the number of tickets a person can buy with a discount or set a discount for people who buy more than 5 tickets, etc.

You can then set when type of ticket you’d like to apply a discount to (perhaps you’d like to encourage customers to purchase VIP tickets?), and when the coupon starts and ends.

3. Our One Time Use Codes allow you to generate unique codes per customer. This is perfect if you’d like to offer your Fan Club discounted tickets. Email each person their unique code, and they’ll be able to purchase a ticket at a discount but you won’t have to worry about an uninvited person getting tickets at the discounted rate. Hit “Generate Promo Codes” (#4) to generate your required number of unique use codes.

4. Once you’re statisfied with your code details, click “Save Promo Code.” It will now be visible in your Promo Code menu, and you can start using it immediately!

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