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We’d like to introduce you to our web-based box office. Available anywhere there’s an internet connection, you can use our box office on any POS, smart phone, even (if you’re so lucky) on your iPad. Scan tickets, sell tickets, whatever you like. The program is so simple and fast, you can scan 15,000 tickets in under an hour (trust us, we’ve done it).

That means you’ll have time to focus on your attendees, not their tickets.

Interested? Read on to learn how to get started. We’ve included screenshots to help you along–if you get lost look for this icon:

1. In the Box Office Page you can see your different ticket types for your event. For this demo, we have General Admission and VIP tickets.

2. To sell a ticket to a customer you can click the blue “+” sign in the bottom right cornder of the ticket type or click on the ticket type itself. You can also use one of the assigned hot keys in red. In this case, pressing 1 would add 1 general admission. Each click adds on ticket, so be sure to check the screen. To add increments of 10 tickets, hold down the “SHIFT” key and press the number of the hotkey you want.

3. You’ll notice the number in the bottom right corner populate with the total ticket cost after all fees are applied.

4. All ticket types you add will also be reflected in the bottom right.

5. When you’re ready to check out, you can click “Cash Sale,” “Credit Sale,” Or “Comp (free)” if you need to provide a free ticket.

6. From the same screen in the box office, you can follow the same steps above to add tickets to your sale. To process a credit card sale, you’d press the “Credit Sale” button or the “R” hotkey.

7. You’ll be prompted to swipe the credit card. If you’re using a credit card reader, be sure the magnetic strip is facing the right direction according to your credit card swipe. The system will automatically pull the information for the charge and complete the transaction. You will return to the Sell Tickets screen.

8. The next screen will ask you to swipe your mag card. If you’re using Mag Cards, swipe the ticket through the reader now. If you’re printing tickets, click “Print Ticket” or use the “P” hotkey. If you’re handling out paper tickets, click “Skip Card” or press the “S” hotkey.

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