High Volume Ticket Sales Without Crashing

Looking for a reliable ticketing system that specializes in high volume on-sales?

Welcome to Flavorus

The leader in high volume ticket sales without crashing that managed the ticketing for Electric Daisy Carnival, the largest music festival in North America where we handled over 130,000 tickets and sold 50,000 tickets in two minutes without stalling or crashing.

If you are producing a large-scale event such as a festival or concert and want to sell a lot of tickets at once, the last thing you want to worry about is if your ticketing system will crash because the servers can’t handle the load.

Fans hate having to buy tickets for large events because the on-sale process is so stressful.

Most ticketing companies can’t handle the load of a large on-sale, so they force customers to wait in virtual queues or waiting rooms as they slowly process transactions.

Or even worse, systems slow down and crash under the pressure creating a poor ticketing experience and making your event look unprofessional.

The result?

Upset fans and lost revenue.

Is There a Solution?


Create a positive experience for your fans and avoid ticket server crashes by using the Flavorus Jetstream system.

Jetstream is a one-of-a-kind on-sale tool that can:

  • Sell up to 150,000 tickets in 10 seconds without waiting rooms or queues.
  • Easy, single page check-out process with no log-in required.
  • Scrub orders for fraud and scalpers before tickets are processed.

If you want to keep your fans happy and returning year after year, Flavorus is the only ticketing solution that can handle high volume ticket sales without slowing down, stalling, or crashing.

But don’t take our word for it. Just listen to what these fans have to say:

Flavorus made the EDC tix process so smooth and easy...almost too easy...THIS IS CRAZY am I REALLY already set for EDCNYC2013?! #EDCNYC
Marta Baran
seriously though that was the easiest online ticket transaction I've ever experienced @Flavorus had their s**t together.
Thank you Flavorus and for a quick and painless checkout! #EDCNY

How It Works

Jetsream uses the infinite scalability of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing system. Working with their engineers, we built the only on-sale system capable of automatically expanding our server power to meet the needs of your sale – no matter how high the demand.

A Jetstream on-sale can include price leveling and our convenient layaway program.

If you are looking for a ticketing company that specializes in high volume on-sales, then we would love to work with you.

Get your fans the tickets they want, when they want them

More Customer Reviews

@Flavorus thanks for making this a smooth transaction...love you guys!
Roll Responsibly
literally in love with flavorus and anyone that uses them
@Flavorus Thank you so much! My sister @ClaireBeazy and I are ecstatic and cannot believe how pleasant and non-stressful that was!
Ally Cat Redmond
I don't think there's anyone more relaxing than buying tickets on flavorus. Such a good website.
I love you @Flavorus always so damn smooth, when I'm working with you!
Antonio Farinas
@Flavorus is the best ticketing site EVER! SO helpful and friendly!
@Flavorus probably the easiest transaction i've ever made. kudos to you! done and done.
Emily McKenna
Flavorus is seriously 100000x better than Ticketmaster.
Miss Dana Marie
@Flavorus THANK YOU for the painless #EDCNY ticket transaction!!!!!! :)
Kelly Ibiza
PasqualeRotella great process for buying this year through @Flavorus. It took no time at all, and will be processed later...no waiting!
Chris Fezza