One Festival, One Theater, Countless Changed Lives



The Balboa Beach Festival, a sizable music gathering featuring 10 bands including Matt Nathanson and A Fine Frenzy, really begins with a small, nearly forgotten theater.

When it opened in 1928, the Balboa Theater served as a cultural hub for its community; on any given night visitors could catch a vaudeville show or a screening of the latest “talkie.” But times change, money runs low, and significant landmarks go unused. In 1993, due to lack of funds and interest, The Balboa Theater was shuttered. It has sat empty ever since.

Recently, however, a band of do-gooders and passionate volunteers have mounted an effort to re-open the landmark, restoring it to its majestic former state. The Balboa Performing Arts Theater Foundation intends to raise the funds required to renovate the location and turn it into a modern cultural destination. The venue calendar will include performing arts, film, and arts educational programming.

The Balboa Beach Festival is part of the final phase of this fundraising efforts. All proceeds from the event will contribute to completing the theater restoration. The outdoor festival (as the name suggests, it will be held on a beach), scheduled for October 13, 2012 takes place in Newport Beach at Peninsula Park. Rain or shine, the artists will lend their musical talent to The Balboa Theater cause.

It’s a win-win for you. Enjoy a day of stellar music while participating in a philanthropic mission. It’s an event that sounds good, feels good, and does good.

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[Matt Nathanson’s “Faster”]

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