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Triad Dragons has quickly landed at the forefront of the dance music scene in Colorado and the greater Rocky Mountain area. The production company throws some of the largest electronic music festivals in the region from SKYLAB to Hallowfreakinween to Global Dance Festival. With a focus on innovation and cutting-edge production, Triad Dragons takes a unique approach toward event production, a fact that shows. Each Triad Dragons event is guaranteed to be groundbreaking. Today, Triad Dragons gives us a brief overview of their methodology and how Flavorus helps them accomplish their long- and short-term ticketing goals.

Flavorus: How many events do you do a year? What is the typical attendance for your events?

Triad Dragons: 6-7,000 average

F: What is the secret to a great event that you have learned through your own experience?

TD: Branding the experience.

F: What aspect of the Flavorus experience is most useful to you when throwing a successful event?

TD: The ease of getting tickets on sale.

F: How long have you been using Flavorus?

12 years.

What is the biggest challenge you face when putting on a live event?

Working with the right people.

How has Flavorus helped overcome this challenge?

Not having to worry about ticketing issues. Great support.

How does pre-selling tickets online help you better plan for your event?

Knowing the amount of people to expect to adjust the production, logistics, and overall experience.

How much peace of mind do you gain from having Flavorus on call?

Makes one less thing to worry about.

F: How quick is it to have Flavorus custom design your page to fit your

TD: Very easy.

F: How easy is it to order tickets from Flavorus.com?

TD: Too easy.

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